Spray Booth Hire

Spray Booth Hire now available at Andesign UK!

When it comes to painting your car parts, motorcycle panels or bicycle frames, a professional spray booth provides the environment your paintwork deserves.

Our heated spray booth is supplied fully equipped including spray guns, abrasives and compressor. With a spacious capacity of 4.0m by 3.9m with extraction and bake control you have full control over the curing and finish of your paintwork.

We rent the booth facility on a day rate basis for just £250 per day (9.00am - 5.00pm with additional hours at £40/hr). We can supply paint and materials if required and we always have a supply of masking and abrasives that you can purchase should you need to.

If you are an experienced sprayer, you may prefer to use your own spray gun.

Please note; our air lines use the larger standard PCL couplings.

Contact our team on 0808 129 2272 for more information and booking availability.