Large Format 3D Print

3D Print | Thermoforming | 3D Point of Sale

3D Print | Thermoforming | 3D Point of Sale

THESE ARE TRULY INCREDIBLE DAYS. We have reached the final frontier in print and, after mankind's endless generations of effort, there is now no object on Earth that we cannot print.

There, we said it. Massively outsized, undersized, perfectly sized, supersized, doesn't matter- Andesign can print it.

We've been at the forefront of innovation and technology for years and have now happily invested in Large Format 3D Printing and finishing technologies such as thermoforming so that we are no longer limited by imagination- we can go way, way, way beyond that.

Please, just ask what we can do

Large Format 3D Printing

We own the wonder machine and are one of only a handful of European printers to have made such a massive capital investment in 3d print.

Our large format 3D printer, the Massivit 1800 allows us to print, single, complex objects up-to 180cm in height, 150cm in width and 120cm in depth with a speed of up-to 35cm/ hr and optional dual-object printing.

The large size and production speed opens the possibility of 3D printed objects to a multitude of industries including; retail, construction, art installations, home décor and aerospace.

The printer operates at up to 35cm per hour, offering the fastest print speeds ever known. With dual print heads, the production speed is doubled offering the capacity to produce multiple items simultaneously and the ability to produce large format 3D items with reduced turn-around times.

Our 3D prints are perfect for:

1.Promotional Signage & Point of Sale Models
2.Decorative applications
3.3D Signage
4.Thermoform Molds
5.Rapid Prototyping & Short Run


For items that are too complex or too large for thermoforming, we have invested in a purpose-built surface finishing department with dedicated spray booth and preparation areas. This allows us to provide a wide range of painted finishing options including airbrushing and metallic finishes.


EFI H1625-SD Printer & EFI Super Draw UV Inks

To compliment our Large Format 3D Printing capabilities, we have invested in an EFI H1625-SD Printer with Super Draw UV inks which allow for printing onto thermoform materials. Combined with a 3D printed template we're able to produce short-run 3D printed complex objects.


Formech 2440 Large Format Vacuum Form Machine

Working hand in hand with our 3D Printer and the H1625-SD the Formech 2440 fills an essential space in the finishing workflow.

The Formech 2440 is a Vacuum Forming Machine allowing us to create moulds and vacuum forming immediately.

So we are able to pre-print the thermoform material prior to vacuum forming, creating a bespoke 3D printed vacuum formed item such as the Darth Vader Mask and Fresh Lemon Soda images in the carousel above.