Finish is the smallest part of all print- yet it accounts for by far the largest part of people's appreciation. Funny that.

Needless to say it's something we take extremely seriously.

Andesign offers digital finishing tables configured with a MultiCUT tool head plus laser cutting which provides unparalleled milling productivity and a camera system. A wide range of printed materials can be cut, routed and ceased with perfect results on folding carton, acrylic, honeycomb, corrugated board, foam, and rubber.

Laser cutting 3.2m x 6m

Our Versa Tech cutter is engineered to be precision cut most heavy-duty materials, including acrylics and Dibond.


We own a AXYZ Router (the industry’s most versatile CNC router system) which is suitable for use on wood, steel and acrylic. its versatility and reliability guarantees quality and meeting of deadlines. 

Lamination & Encapsulation

Our liquid laminator, the Supracoater, is water-based and so environmentally friendly, but doesn’t compromise on quality. It has variable coating speeds and accurate thickness control, allowing every item to be custom coated for durability.

Our Drytac Jetmounter Film Laminator can cover widths up to 63 inches. Perfect for vehicle wraps, window decals, indoor signage, outdoor graphics, floor vinyl and mounting graphics to substrates.