Events & Exhibition Signage

Banner Stands | Exhibition Displays | Hanging Fabric Structures

AT ANY EXHIBITION your brand is surely looking to make a big, big impact or else you might as well just pack up and head off home.

We know it's absolutely crucial that your exhibition investment goes well so we make it our very serious business to maximise your standards in every way we possibly can, from design concept to venue installation.

We provide services of product management to petite trade stalls all the way to gargantuan exhibition displays.

Event and exhibition products and services we offer:

  • Roller banners
  • Pop-up displays
  • Digital displays
  • Acrylic leaflet holders
  • Floor graphics
  • Hanging structures

Roller banners

Roller banners are low cost but visually impactful and informative. Ideal for small trade stands, or as part of a larger exhibition bundle with a large pop-up graphic display. Quick and easy to assemble, and transport.

Polycril Wraps

We supply large polycril wall wraps up to 5m, they are a 100% blackout material, so can wrap over any designed wall with no show through. Due to the impressive size we could wrap most event and exhibition walls in one seamless display. Wraps have a wallpaperlike texture.

With custom designs we can transform any wall into a promotional opportunity. Wraps are printed with highest quality UV ink, offering more vibrant visual than traditional inks. Polycril wraps are non PVC and 100% recyclable.

Pop-up displays

Pop-up exhibition stands work as a promotional backdrop at exhibitions. Their large graphic area allows you to promote your brand and get noticed. Quick and easy to assemble as well as portable.

Digital Displays

Digital displays keep customers engaged and entertained through interactivity and technology. Interactive touch screen displays, such as tablets, are now common at events.

Tablets are great for encouraging interaction with your stall and provide a level of information that paper material can’t deliver. Larger displays can feature product videos and graphic productions to entice the crowd.

We also supply portable, freestanding digital screen kiosks which allow you to set it up at events/exhibitions and greet, inform and direct visitors.

Floor graphics

We supply a range of floor graphics to serve different requirements, from temporary stickers and graphics to permanent flooring.

Hanging structures

When bigger is better, our hanging structures are sure to bring in the crowds via impressive structure and high impact design. From banners to fabric structures, available in various shapes to display your message to the entire room.