Digital Signage

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Andesign is now providing digital signage and LED media to companies seeking to implement and leverage digital media to achieve their business objectives, increasing productivity and profitability. 

In the converging marketplace, Andesign now offers scalable solutions for digital delivery with a range of products and services embracing everything from Digital Signage to Interactive Touchscreen Signage to LED exterior displays. Andesign remains a haven of truly professional products and expertise at a time when consumer/prosumer products flood the Digital Signage and Screen Media sector.


Freestanding Digital Screen Kiosks
Our digital kiosks are highly popular in locations such as shopping centres, eating outlets, hotels, cinemas, and other retail and transport environments. They are a valuable tool for greeting, informing, and directing visitors.

As they are freestanding, they are portable allowing you to be equipped with technology at events and exhibitions. This is also beneficial if your space is not suitable for a digital screen to be wall mounted. Freestanding kiosks will modernise and equip all environments, we are also able to brand and apply bespoke designs.  

Certain freestanding digital screen kiosks are weather resistant IP65 rated and so are also suitable for outdoor use.

Interactive Touch Screen Displays (Tablets and Large Displays) 
Touch screen displays are common place now, and their increasing popularity in its simplicity and technological capabilities means they are being increasingly designed for and placed in public locations. Interactive displays are regularly seen in shopping centres, shops and museums, giving a great source of information to the public, accessible for both adults and children. Our touch screen displays range from tablets to larger displays such as wall mounted LCD’s and touch screen tables. 

High brightness LCD Screens (outdoor usage) 
Our LCD screens are designed for outdoor usage and so are resistant to all weather conditions. The glass is made with anti-glare technology so that the LCDs still show a high brightness display even in direct sunlight. These high brightness screens are used as outdoor digital advertising and information touchpoints, with the ability to publish new content at any time immediately, a popular choice of advertising on the high street and other public spaces. A wide range of sizes are available upon request.