Digital Signage

Extraordinarily versatile and reactive, Digital signage is best used by switched-on brands seeking to move fast in industry's ever changing circumstances.

This is a brave new world of interactivity so, impressive and permanent as much of our large format work is, it can be argued that that very permanence means quick changes in message are just not feasible.

So Andesign is now delighted to be providing digital signage and LED media to companies intent on maximising the volume of their offering.

We offer a range of products and services embracing Digital Signage to Interactive

Touchscreen Signage to LED exterior displays and have a dedicated Digital Signage Website at

Freestanding Digital Screen Kiosks

Our digital kiosks work best in shopping centres, eating outlets, hotels, cinemas, retail and transport environments. They are invaluable in greeting, informing, and directing.

As they are freestanding and portable they can be equipped with technology for events and exhibitions- beneficial if your space is unsuitable for a wall mounted digital screen.

Some freestanding digital screen kiosks are even weather resistant IP65 rated and so are also suitable for outdoor use.

Interactive Touch Screen Displays (Tablets and Large Displays)

Touch screen displays are common now, and their increasing technological capabilities mean they are being increasingly used in public locations- interactive displays in shopping centres, shops and museums. Our touch screens range from tablets to wall mounted & table LCDs.

High brightness LCD Screens (outdoor usage)

Our LCD screens are designed for all weather, outdoor use. The glass is anti-glare so the LCD will even work in direct sunlight. These screens are used as outdoor digital advertising and information touchpoints and can instantly publish new content- a popular capability for high street advertising.