About us

Formed in 1996, based in Sutton Coldfield

ANDESIGN HAS BEEN A FEROCIOUSLY AMBITIOUS organisation since 1996. It's always mattered enormously to us that we continually push the boundaries of creativity & print when working for you.

And it always will.

Founded by print designer, Andy Williams, the company quickly won hearts and minds across the West Midlands for our can-do attitude and our determination to be as close to our industry's frontiers as technologically possible.

This has meant always keeping abreast of the latest technology, developments and innovations and using these to help your company and others like yours really forge ahead to ever greater things.

We've worked tirelessly to grow our reputation across Britain and Europe but appreciate the need to show an endless commitment to the cutting edge, so we we're only too happy to invest over half a million pounds in 2018 on one of the country's only Massivit 1800 3d printers.

This has been the very definition of a game changer, allowing Andesign to produce and deliver work at unprecedented speeds and sometimes breathtaking levels of excellence.

Naturally all staff have treated the 3d work as the stuff of wonder and awe and are constantly on the hunt for yet more ambitious and mindbogglingly complex tasks with which to challenge us and the technology.

We'll share more about this extraordinary machine later in this website, or if you want to get in touch, we'll be only too happy to wax lyrical in person.