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The Importance of Good Signage in a Retail Environment

10th August 2017

One of the major challenges faced by retail business owners is to get customers through the door. While other forms of marketing such as online marketing and direct mail can be effective, many company’s must take a more passive approach when attracting customers. Building a reputation and being referred to by word-of-mouth is essential, however, in the end making your business easy to find and attractive is essential to growing your customer base.

Making a lasting first impression.

Signs play a very important role in attracting customers to both a company and its products or services. Attractive signage is much more memorable and enticing to customers. Good signage communicates the products and services the company may offer and lays down an expectation of interaction a customer can expect with the company. Signs are a very important part of making a great first impression and shouldn’t be underestimated.

Great signage can have a very positive effect on customers, equally, bad signage can have a similar effect on customer behaviour. According to a study by Fedex nearly 70% of customers believe a company’s signage is a reliable indicator on the company’s products and level of services. Many customers believe poor signage indicates badly designed products and unprofessional services.

Increase Brand Visibility and Recognition

Every company strives for top-of-mind brand awareness with their customers. Well placed and well-designed signage will continuously build brand awareness and supports brand building. Each customer may pass a business up-to 60 times a month making it even more essential your signage is well designed.

Frequently changing images and marketing messages also demonstrates a company’s commitment to customer service and enhances customer experience. It has been shown companies that frequently change their marketing material returned an increase in sales to their local market.

Great signage compels purchasing

Well placed and designed point-of-sale displays help influence a customer’s spending behaviour. A well thought out display can help increase impulse purchasing and promote underperforming products.

External signage can also entice new customers into the store with 76% of the customers on the survey by Fedex stating they entered a store they had never visited before based entirely on it’s signs.

Great Signs Continue Throughout

Internal signage can be an essential tool to drive additional sales while the customer is present in-store. Great internal point of sale signage can be used to increase spontaneous purchasing with many purchasing decisions being done at the time of purchasing.

In-store advertising helps to introduce new products, increase underperforming product awareness, promote sales and educate customers on key products and services offered by the company.

Helping your customer navigate your store is a great way to improve the customer experience. Wayfinding signage can be used to help navigate customers around the store to reduce any chances of frustration and improve the buying experience.



Retail signage can be a very powerful tool to increase brand awareness, improve customer experiences and drive additional sales.

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