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The Benefits of Vehicle Livery

31st March 2017

Research shows up to 3000 people per hour could see your vehicle graphics on the road. If you are a small to medium business, these people are likely seeing your business for the first time, so it’s important to use quality graphics with seamless application. Here at Andesign we have decades of experience in every step of the process from design concept to application, so we’ve rounded up the top 4 benefits of vehicle livery to share with you.  



4 benefits of vehicle livery:

  1. Paintwork protection
  2. Cost effective advertising
  3. Brand identity
  4. Mobile and non-obtrusive advertising

Paintwork protection

Wrapping your vehicle works as a protective skin for your paintwork against the daily wear and tear of roads and motorways, such as light scratching and paint fade. We use eco-solvent ink, making our vehicle graphics suitable for use outdoors by being waterproof and durable. We also laminate the graphics so that they’re protected and long-lasting. By applying vehicle graphics you’re not only advertising your branding, but also protecting your vehicles paintwork. When uninstalling the vehicle graphics or wraps, done professionally by our team, the vehicle’s paint work will be left in the exact condition it was when the graphics were applied, preserving the original paintwork. This means the retail value of the vehicle is preserved as the undamaged paintwork is revealed, increasing its resale value. 

Cost effective advertising

Vehicle livery is an inexpensive, cost effective form of advertising. Many more people will see the advertisement on your car, van or lorry compared to other local campaigns, reaching a far broader audience. It is also more long-lasting then many other forms of advertising, as the location of the advertising is always changing with vehicle graphics, means the content of advertising doesn’t have to be regularly changed as it may in a static location. As well as this they are very durable and can last up to 5-7 years. Wrapping your vehicle is also substantially cheaper than a new paint job, as well as easily having the option for changing the graphics.

Brand identity

It’s important your company’s brand identity is consistent and that people can recognise who you are. Having your brand on your company vehicles can create a buzz, such as novelty product promotion based designs. It can also improve people’s trust in you giving you a more professional look, for example, a fully branded van for a tradesman is more reassuring then a plain white van. Business vehicles need to be in good condition as they represent the company, therefore attractive graphics and impressive vehicle wraps which protect your paintwork whilst promoting your brand is highly beneficial. Stand out with vibrant eye-catching graphics so passer-by’s pay attention, from a simple logo vinyl graphic to a full body wrap, any design is possible.

Mobile and non-obtrusive advertising

People purposely avoid and refuse obtrusive advertising, which is why this cost-effective non-aggressive form of advertising is so effective. Having your vehicle covered in branded graphics is a good way of gaining people’s attention to take in your message or brand without stopping or interrupting them from what they are doing, which customers are more receptive of, rather than radio or television adverts which many switch over to avoid and so doesn’t reach the audience you are paying for. Whether your vehicle is parked in a car park or on the road to deliver an item, people will notice your vehicle graphics, reaching a broader audience than you realise.

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