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19th December 2017

Here at Andesign UK Ltd, we are proud of our exciting business projects with Republic 3000. Republic 3000 offer a range of bespoke and handcrafted designs for both internal and external application. Recently, they have worked with us to create a printed wood finish design of marvel characters such as Spiderman and Thor.

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18th December 2017

Here at Andesign UK Ltd, we are constantly striving to improve the level of service we provide to customers. In the pursuit of professional, consistent and reliable finishing, we invest heavily in our automated equipment and staff training. In this pursuit, we have decided upon purchasing the AXYZ 6210 Trident Router-Knife Hybrid often touted as the most versatile router-knife hybrid within the industry.

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8th November 2017

Opening a store in an area of high footfall, such as a city high street can be an incredibly lucrative move. With a high potential for customers, you can generate a lot of revenue for your business – whether you are in food, retail or travel.

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10th October 2017

Here at Andesign, we are proud to sponsor Telford Tigers of the National Ice Hockey League and we’d like to congratulate them after a string of successful performances.

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20th September 2017

Exhibitions are a brilliant way to promote your business, and with an opportunity to meet face to face with existing and potential customers; having the best strategy for your show is imperative for a successful venture.

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